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August 30, 2019
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April 18, 2017

The Concept Story


As an aesthetic beauty zone, Sidor Beauty Center has it all covered. A dedicated place for beauty where you can find body shaping solution, cryotherapy sessions among other aesthetic procedure based on the most appreciated technology available on the market - BTL Aesthetic Beauty .


The Logo

Font - Century Gothic

Very pale yellow


R:255 G:251 B:204

C:0 M:0.02 Y:0.2 K:0

Very soft yellow


R:238 G:214 B:136

C:0 M:0.1 Y:0.43 K:0.07

Vivid yellow


R:235 G:187 B:16

C:0 M:0.2 Y:0.93 K:0.08

Strong orange


R:195 G:146 B:46

C:0 M:0.25 Y:0.76 K:0.24

Offline Materials


A gift card in winter season was an offline advertising objective regarding the marketing of the strategy for the beauty industry located in Oradea city.


Advertising Campaigns

Social Media & Google Ads


— social media campaign


ft Agency | Romanian Marketing Agency


SEO Optimization

*a custom-made strategy to upscale the website for the first Google`s page results