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We have a job! Do you need one?

A front-end WordPress Developer as soon as possible.

We have a job! Do you need one?

A front-end WordPress Developer as soon as possible.

WordPress Developer

ft Agency is actively seeking an experienced WordPress developer to help in maintaining and creating websites. The position will be in charge of developing and maintaining websites built with PHP programming language, where our day-by-day activity require detail oriented skills in order to better manage and fulfil multiple tasks.

The main responsibilities:

﹣clients meeting in order to discuss website functionality.

﹣building the website front-end.

﹣database and Server integration.

﹣designing and managing the website back-end.

﹣the ability to understand the business projects concept, customer needs and technical perspectives.

﹣conducting website performance tests.

﹣troubleshooting content issues.

We would appreciate knowledge background in:

﹣HTML (HTML5), CSS (SCSS/LESS), JavaScript (jQuery).

﹣experience in the WordPress developing procces is a must.

﹣other frameworks known in any of the languages are a big advantage.

Most projects will be WordPress based, but also needed help in developing web applications built in the HTML, CSS, JS and PHP languages but also to maintain existing websites. For example, some tasks also involves repairing some existing errors. At the interview moment you will be able to better guide us in solving a error as written check-up skills.

What we offer:

﹣attractive compensating salary, based on the value brought into the company with great chances of increase if everything “develops” well.

﹣nice and relaxing office environment located in the Timişoara city center, Piata Unirii area.

﹣very flexible work schedule.

Send us your Curriculum Vitae and join our marketing agency as a full time WordPress web developer, in a young experienced and friendly team.

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